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The Truth About Breast Implant Illness

Updated: Feb 7

Today, we're diving into a topic that might raise a few eyebrows but is crucial to raise awareness.

Let's chat about the not-so-fun side of breast implants—more specifically, the lesser-known phenomenon called Breast Implant Illness (BII).

As someone who has walked the journey myself and have spoken with numerous friends and clients who also experienced similar issues, I believe it's important to shed some light on the potential risks and challenges associated with breast augmentation.

In a world that often measures beauty by certain standards, the allure of breast augmentation can be tempting - Whether it is societal pressure or personal preference after weight changes, babies and beyond!

But hey, let's not jump into the pool without checking if the water's safe, right?

It's not a myth or an exaggeration. BII is a real and a serious concern.

With symptoms ranging from fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, fluid retention, swollen red eyes, weight changes, hormonal changes, acne and skin issues, endometriosis, cognitive and extreme brain fog difficulties, chemical toxicity and much more!

These symptoms are simply messages from our bodies... Trying to tell us something... 

Trying to save us. ❤️

Please know for yourself, your family or friends… 

An implant of ANY kind could be causing issues.

Be it a knee, hip, leg, breast, butt, contraception implant or even teeth implants... 

Our bodies can often have issues with these “foreign objects”.

They don’t have to be leaking to be causing issues and often regular scans and blood tests can’t show what is really happening.

Sadly, MANY surgeons and doctors are still saying that BII does not exist.

Cue the "not proven by science" talk— That is not true.

There is plenty of research highlighting the potential dangers of breast implants and there are hundreds of thousands of women who can also raise their hand who have experienced BII.

Since October 2021, breast implants have even been listed on the FD@ website as a black box warning. "People" know!

Thankfully the awareness around Breast Implant Illness (BII) has been growing in recent years, but there are several reasons why it may not be as widely as it should.

Here are some reasons why you, your doctor, surgeon or friends may have not heard much about the truths of BII:

  1. Lack of clear diagnostic criteria: BII doesn't have universally accepted diagnostic criteria and testing methods, making it challenging for medical professionals to diagnose consistently. An implant does not have to be leaking to be giving an individual symptoms.

  2. Variability in symptoms: The symptoms associated with BII are diverse and can overlap with other health conditions.

  3. Limited research: While there is a growing body of research on the potential risks of breast implants, and has been for many years, more extensive studies are needed to establish a clearer connection between breast implants and their specific health issues.

  4. Industry influence: The cosmetic surgery industry has historically played a role in downplaying potential risks associated with breast implants. Of course they want their products to thrive!

  5. Delayed onset of symptoms: In many cases, symptoms of BII may not appear immediately after implantation but may develop over time. This delayed onset can make it challenging for individuals to connect their health issues to breast implants, further delaying awareness and recognition.

  6. Underreporting: Some individuals who experience symptoms related to breast implants may not report them to the countries health governing associations, healthcare professionals or even their friends and family. Most clients I speak to have not reported their issue.

Despite the above challenges, the advocacy of affected individuals, increasing media coverage, ongoing research and some amazing surgeons are gradually bringing more attention to Breast Implant Illness.

As awareness grows, it is likely that more people will recognise the potential risks associated with breast implants and seek informed medical advice.

If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII) and your doctor or surgeon does not acknowledge or believe in it, it's essential to take a proactive and informed approach.

Here are some steps you can consider:

  1. Educate yourself and join support groups. This private group is amazing:

  2. Seek a second, third or even forth opinion!

  3. Document all your symptoms, medical visits and testing work.

  4. Consult a specialist in this area - An explant specialist not just any surgeon!

  5. Communicate effectively with your doctors, surgeons and specialists. It's your health not theirs!

  6. Request diagnostic testing of MRI's if you feel something is going on (Please note: Implants do not have to be leaking to cause health issues BUT MRI's are a good place to start)

  7. REMEMBER - Big, round, hard, chemical lined and filled boobs are not normal and they ALL come with huge, health consequences.

Remember that advocating for your own health is crucial, at the end of the day you are always the boss of your own body! - Not the doctor.

Choose wisely who you let test, touch and care for it.

Seeking the guidance of healthcare professionals who are open to listening and exploring your concerns is essential.

It may take time and persistence to find the right support, so be patient and prioritise your well-being.

For those looking to learn more...

This is an interview with one of the top breast implant illness and breast cancer surgeons in Australia… (Personally, I think the best)

I have learnt a lot about BII in the last 5 years but it was SO nice to learn more and hear a surgeon speak about BII in this way.

-This interview is wonderful if you are looking to explant… 

-It’s wonderful if you’re still having issues after explanting (This was me!)

-This is wonderful if you have silicone in your fat tissue, lymph-nodes, if you have or had breast cancer, are wanting a lift or reconstruction, if you want or had fat transfer, are worried about how you look or will look… It covers everything! 

-It’s also wonderful if you are wanting to learn more about MCAS, gut issues, autoimmune symptoms, infertility, histamine etc. etc.

-It’s just really amazing for anyone interested in breast implant Illness, breast cancer and breast health.


(Her latest research paper on BII has been submitted!!! Stay tuned.)

Listen to the interview HERE

Or on Spotify HERE

For those who prefer to read or use her quotes, you can read the transcript for this episode HERE

You can learn more about Dr. Nagy and her practice HERE

Ready to spread the word?

Share this post, the recommended Facebook group or the above podcast with your friends, help someone who may be in need.

Have personal experiences or insights you want to discuss?

Drop them to me in an email, and let's support each other on this journey toward well-being, body positivity and a better world.

Remember - There are alternative paths to feeling fabulous and confident.

Boobs aren't the answer.

You are always beautiful, just the way you are.

The key is to love yourself with big boobs, little boobs or no boobs.❤️

If you struggle with self-love - Click HERE

I would like to finish by saying… 

If you are sick and are unhappy with the results you are getting from your doctor, specialist or health practitioner about ANY health concern... Please... Go get other opinions and get more tests done till find answers that help you.

It’s your health. It’s your life. It's important.

Thanks for reading!

Yours in Belly (and boob) Healing

Maddy King X

“...'You don’t even know how breathtaking you are.
 as you are.'

Says the universe through tears.

- Nayyirah Waheed

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Breast Implant Illness

I love you body! With big boobs and little boobs. ☺️

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