Sebastian Terry From 100Things

"For those of you who have ‘Health’ on your list of 100 Things, do yourself a favor and check out my incredible mate’s @bellyhealing page. I don’t usually plug things but this legend @maddy.kingfish has literally improved the quality of my life in only a few weeks through her gut health program. From nutrition & cleanses to breath work and belly massage, I feel a million dollars. Please don’t laugh at the before and after shots haha... Check out Maddy’s page now- beautiful human inside and out. Also does workshops for large groups. Thanks Maddy"

Private Client

"I keep meaning to msg you. I feel so great after my cleanse. I’ve stuck to the food guidelines you gave me - no dairy, no wheat, no processed foods. I have some of those foods on weekends but most of the time I stick to it. I’ve already dropped weight, I’m not puffy in the face, I’m not bloated anymore and I have more energy. I can’t thank you enough for waking me up about my diet and putting me on the cleanse. I feel so much better!! Thank you ️ X"

Private Client

"Maddy’s cleanse not only broke bad eating habits (like eating chocolate after every meal) but also changed my relationship and thoughts on food. I now understand how my body reacts to certain foods and am more conscious when eating, whilst still enjoying delicious meals. I can’t believe the results I saw within days. My inflammation went down and my gut is stronger because of it. Thanks, Maddy!"

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BellyHealing by Maddy King


Sydney, Australia