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At the healthy age of 19 with no health issues, glowing skin and great digestion… I decided that I needed to do a detox.


I decided to buy a box from the chemist that read - ‘14 DAY DETOX’.

I clearly remember my mum saying to me - “Don’t take that box, just eat some vegetables and have a weekend off the booze”

Of course like most 19 years olds... I didn’t listen.


I started taking the daily powdered supplements from the box.

By day 3, I realised I was starting to feel pretty bloated and quite lethargic.

By day 5, I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since day 1.

By day 7, my dad said something like "You look pregnant with a large watermelon”.


I went to a doctor the following week, where I was told I was constipated. No shit doc! (Literally.)

This doctor’s appointment was the first of many that was quite invasive, expensive AND didn’t help me at all.


Months passed, then years.

I had become that annoying person that was intolerant to everything. I was constantly in pain and bloated, my skin wasn't great, my weight was very hard to control, I hardly went to the bathroom and I had many new health issues starting to arise.


By now I had seen a countless numbers of doctors, specialists, practitioners and had tried some pretty weird treatments and diets with barely any improvements.

I spent a fortune with specialists telling me it was “in my head” or I had “Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)”.

I knew It definitely wasn’t in my head and my issues were much more than this so called "IBS".


It wasn’t till about 2009, after four years of pain, that I FINALLY found a man that was able to help me.

He was an iridologist, naturopath and herbalist. 


This man completely changed my life.

He was the first to tell me that something WAS wrong, what was going on and that it wasn't just in my head.

The best part, he said he would help me... and he did.


I sat in that chair across from him and thought... I am going to be you.

I want to help people struggling with their health, just how you helped me.

I have continued to work on my digestion since then, in many natural ways and it feels like me again!


Thank you to all the amazing people who have helped me on this path... ❤ 

I’m also thankful (now) for that stupid, chemical detox box… Because without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So, after all that...

Welcome to my website, my information, my journey!

This is my story and I hope I can help you with yours. 

Maddy King- BellyHealing X

Maddy's journey
To becoming a practitioner... and creating Belly Healing

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