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I have been getting a few questions about the new Belly Healing cleanse program.


And the number one question I have been asked is....


"Is this program right for me?"


So to answer that question, here are some of the most important points to consider…



This program is perfect for you if…


-You are experiencing digestive issues daily or weekly.

This is not okay.

This is impacting your life more than it should be.


-You know there must be deeper reasons why your body is holding onto excess weight, fluid and inflammation...

And you’re ready to find out what those reasons are.


-You’re busy... You have a job, a life, a family.

You don’t have time to spend 3 hours in the kitchen or the gym every day.


-You feel the need for a "reset" for the new year.


-You want to see a naturopath, herbalist or nutritionist but their costs are a little out of your budget.


-You like or want to eat and enjoy healthy, tasty foods.


-You are open to trying meditation and wellness practices, to reduce stress, anxiety and balance the hormones that cause weight gain and tension in the belly.


-You want to learn, grow and be an even better human!



The Belly Healing program focuses on addressing the real, underlying issues of why your belly is unhappy.


It's NOT a restrictive diet or a quick fix.


If you have tried my herbs before you know how powerful they can be...

And the knowledge I provide can change your life, if you let it!


The latest cleanse program gives you a simple action plan every week to help you work on your belly, body and overall well-being.


There are plenty of ways to go deeper, if you want, but after reading the main files and e-booklet the core curriculum will take less than an hour each week.


The program is designed for 30 days but you will have access to this program for 6 months.

So you can go at whatever pace you like, according to your busy schedule and return anytime if you want to repeat some of the videos, steps or learning pages.


If you give me four weeks, you’re going to be absolutely amazed at how strong the mind-body connection really is and how much your body WANTS to thrive.



Click HERE to join me



I hope to see some of you in the portal


Bye for now!


Maddy X






"I wanted to thank you so much for sharing all of your belly wisdom with me. After the cleanse my life is changed.  I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made in my life.  Being able to have a normal life without worrying about my digestion / bloating / pain etc every day.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve also lost a few kg as well, as a bonus!"

-Private Sydney client


"Also, I'm down 12kgs since starting everything with you

Thank you!"

-Private Tweed Shire client


"I don’t usually plug things but this legend... has literally improved the quality of my life in only a few weeks through her gut health program. From nutrition & cleanses to breath work and belly massage, I feel a million dollars."

-Sebastian Terry, Los Angeles


"Maddy’s cleanse not only broke bad eating habits (like eating chocolate after every meal) but also changed my relationship and thoughts on food. I now understand how my body reacts to certain foods and am more conscious when eating, whilst still enjoying delicious meals. I can’t believe the results I saw within days. My inflammation went down and my gut is stronger because of it. Thanks, Maddy!"

-Private Sydney client


"I have so much more energy, waking up early and full of energy. ( can it happen that fast )

Most of my symptoms have improved. Just overactive bowls sounds at times but I guess that would be the tonic. 

Still off the alcohol. No PR bleeding or mucous at all. 

Bowels are opening 3- 4 times a day....

So great full for getting in contact with you.

My Aunty always says “if you put it out to the universe it will always deliver”. So so true. 

Thank you Maddy"

-Private NSW rural client


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