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Today's topic: TOXINS! - Do you need a cleanse?

The human body is very resilient and can tolerate an impressive amount of abuse…

But how much is too much?

Everyday your body will do everything it can to keep you safe. ❤️

When your body is exposed to toxins it will try to eliminate them through your gut, liver, lungs and kidneys...

Every time you exhale, sneeze, cough, perspire or go to the bathroom... You are actually cleansing your body!

But your body has a limit to how much it can process at once.

If your body is unable to process and excrete all the toxins safely, it may try to store them away, such as in fat or mucus, for a safer detoxing time.

And if that "safe time" never comes?

Those toxins can linger within your system for an extended period...

Causing you to gain weight, feel unwell, have unusual skin issues and potentially lead to more serious health issues over time.

BUT... Fear not!

The moment you give your body a chance to cleanse and heal safely...

Your body then starts to detoxify many times faster than its normal rate.

(I believe this to be true for toxic emotions too!)

Then all you have to do is breathe, sweat, and go to the bathroom. 💩

It's perfectly natural, and this is why detoxification done right is non-invasive, safe, effective...

and can be extremely powerful for transforming your body and life.

Are you due for your next cleanse?

Gut Healing Client Results Bloating Weight loss

( Above Image: A happy 'Belly Healing' client after detoxing with our cleanses )

Gut Healing Detox


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