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The Belly Healing CLEANSE Explained!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

When I was 19 I became that annoying person that was intolerant to 95% of the menu.

I was constantly bloated and in pain, my skin wasn't great, my weight was very hard to control, I hardly went to the bathroom and I had many new health issues starting to arise.

After four years of desperately searching, I finally found some answers.

I was able to heal my gut, get rid of those symptoms and I can now happily eat anything I want off the menu!

From then on my future was set in stone... I had to help others with their gut issues!

I become a practitioner and from there Belly Healing was created.

So would you like to know how you can heal your gut issues too?

Dive in below!

The physical body is made up of a bunch of cells. Trillions of them actually. Trillions of little cells that create a miracle - That miracle is you by the way. 💫

For these little cells to work properly they need to be NOURISHED, and not be POISONED.

Let me explain...

To help nourish our cells (at their best) we need unprocessed organic wholefoods, clean water, fresh air, sunlight, movement, connection and of course... Good vibes. ☺️

As for being poisoned, toxins will always make their way into our bodies BUT we can reduce the load with healthy daily choices.

Toxin sources may come from cosmetic and beauty products, certain water, alcohol, processed and chemically sprayed foods, stress, drugs, cleaning and fragrance products, products in our homes, cars, workplace, and the environment. We also can't forget the foreign invaders like mould, bacteria, viruses, worms, parasites, and other sneaky pathogens.

Sadly, the toxin list could go on and on.

But how do toxins affect the body?

When a human body is lacking nutrients and dealing with a heavy load of toxins, it affects homeostasis and the body's natural flow of processes.

The body will then start showing signs and unpleasant symptoms. These are simply messages from the system yelling out - "Hello! Hi! Help! We need to do something about this!??"

The next step is to encourage the natural cleansing processes, so that the symptoms naturally go away and the body can function properly again.

Now let’s discuss the good stuff... How to get rid of these toxins and symptoms!

One of my favourite methods to help heal the body is the "CLEANSE, MEND + TEND" protocol.

⭐️"CLEANSE" - Working on removing the root cause of the issues. This usually involves cleansing, while nourishing the body.

⭐️"MEND" - Here the focus is on healing the damage done to the gut lining and other tissues of the body.

⭐️"TEND" - Is all about replenishing the body with lots of the "good". This could be with various microbiome, nutrients, self-love and more!

You may also know them as "weed, seed and feed" or "Repair, Replenish, Restore"

and there are many ways to practice these protocols.

The Belly Healing methods use some of my favourite natural herbs, powders, potions and products I have found on my 14-year journey through personal growth, university, college studies, shadowing and my clinic findings.

So next time you are feeling sick, sore, feeling down or perhaps unhappy about your weight...

Remember - Your body doesn't hate you, it is trying to survive, it is trying to tell you something!

To join the Belly Healing Cleanse Program click HERE.

I look forward to helping some of you on your journey.

Please get in touch if you have questions.

Happy Belly Healing! ☺️

Maddy X

Belly Gut Healing Cleanse


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