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Nimbin and The Power of Plants

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

I have experienced deep healing from the power of plants.

I have also seen extremely sick, unstable and broken people be healed with the power of plants.

Sadly, some of these plants are illegal in this country.

I believe when used with RESPECT, plant healing is truly magical.

I REALLY hope that the Australian laws around the medicinal properties of plants will soon be reformed.

So many people need this healing.

Since our earliest origins, people have used plants for all kinds of purposes including...

Food, healing, medicine, art, housing, and ritual - Not just to survive but also to learn, grow and thrive.

We have lost touch with nature and her gifts.

Last year I went to the MardiGrass festival, I went for my love of ALL plants.

This festival is held in the tiny village of Nimbin to protest the current plant laws, educate people and celebrate the culture that has grown here over the last 49 years.

What a place!

Thank you, Nimbin, as always.


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