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Where are you at in your gut healing journey?

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Have you been bloating frequently?

Are you noticing more tension in your belly region?

Receiving disappointing test results?

Struggling with difficult diets?

...With a cupboard full of supplements, that you can’t even remember what they are actually for anymore!

The gut is an extremely complex system.

That is why each and every gut healing journey is different and why most gut problems can't always be fixed by a simple powder or a few pills from the doctor.

Gut healing

When starting a new health plan it is easy to fall off the wagon, especially when making some big changes, all at once.

My tip for today is to pick ONE thing that you know your gut will thank you for.

Consistency in small changes can make a huge difference.

So here are a few of my favourite ways to start working on the digestive system:

Start by cutting out ONE food out that you know you are sensitive to…

And do this for at least a month, not just for a few days here and there.

-Cutting out gluten for example can show incredible results BUT it may take a few weeks or even a month to start showing the healing effects.

-Be patient, healing can take time, especially if you have been struggling with issues for a while.

-It is also important to know that once you do cut out these foods, that you want to go beyond this point. You want to start healing the digestive tract and hopefully get rid of those intolerance problems.

Adding gut friendly foods to your daily meals.

-I am currently writing this post while eating fresh cut papaya WITH all the seeds still attached. Most people throw out the seeds but these babies are packed full of benefits.

Papaya and its seeds are amazing for our digestive health as they contain enzymes to help break down our foods, they help to regenerate the liver, help fight the nasties in your gut like bad bacteria, candida and even parasites which are often causing a lot of our problems.

-Other gut friendly foods I love include: Turmeric fresh or powered, soaked chia or basil seeds with their healing mucilage and the old aloe vera straight from my back garden.

-Sometimes we forget that our food can also be our medicine.

-So eat foods that your tummy will thank you for!

Adding in gut-supporting supplements or herbs...

-There are so many supplements saying "Gut Healing" but they are often are just well marketed and not high quality products.

-Often, that product may not be the right ingredients for the stage your gut issue is at.

Thats why a product that works really well for your friend, can often make your tummy feel even worse.

-Purchasing herbal products or supplements that are from well trained practitioners and from a health food store are always my preferred choice.

Most of these products are regulated, have high quality ingredients and have the scientific research behind them.

-Herbs are really powerful for healing, if you give them a chance.

They are one of the main tools of what helped get my gut back on track after years of pain and struggling and what put me on my path to becoming a practitioner. :)

Now I will leave you with a point I often tell my clients-

"It is never too late to start being better to yourself"

AND since so much of our overall wellbeing is connected to the digestive system, it’s always a good idea to take our attention here.

So, ask yourself... How is your belly feeling? How is your body feeling?


Maddy King X

For more information on gut health please contact me for a session or sign up to my mailing list HERE :)


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