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Iridology is the science of analysing the structure, colour and colour of the iris to determine issues through the body.

Both eyes are studied by a qualified iridologist and can reveal our inherited health disposition, our current health problems and gives advance warnings of what may happen in your health future.

Iridology is powerful knowledge that has been practiced all around the world of hundreds of years. It s an amazing tool of assessment that isn't invasive.

As mentioned in 'My journey' page. My first experience with iridology was in 2009 with a very well known Australian iridologist, Eli Shamon.

He looked into my eyes with a magnifying lens and light and told me everything I had been feeling and happening in my body for the last four years, it was a amazing to hear what he was seeing.

He saw my serious digestion issues and what was causing them, my knee and arm issue and my current hormonal situation.

It was truly amazing!

I continued to visit this clinic every time I felt sick, got a bad bug from overseas, injured myself or needed a health boost.

He worked with herbal medicine, other tools that zapped me, nutritional advice and much more.

Since then I have seen many iridologists to go for the experience.

Sadly, there are many iridologists out there that give this work a bad name.

I believe a good iridologist can be one of the best ways to get an idea of diagnosis in the body.

Now when you look in the mirror make sure to take notice of the markings or spots than may show in your eyes!

Maddy X


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