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For Mothers And Mothers To Be...

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Abdominal detox massage also known in my clinic as Chi Nei Tsang is a fantastic practice for women wanting to become a mother or for those who have already created some beautiful magic...

👶🏽👶🏾👶🏼👶🏿👶👶🏻 This type of treatment is great for: -Helping to prepare the female body for conception -Helping women (and men) who are having problems conceiving -Restoring balance into the body and belly after giving birth -Working on c-section scars

For those of you unfamiliar with Chi Nei Tsang, it is an ancient Taoist Chinese method of healing- Combining abdominal massage with breath and energy work to clear toxins, toxic emotions and other blockages.

This treatment can work gently on the surface of the belly as well as working deep into the internal organs and systems.

As a mummy or mummy to be here are some of the ways abdominal detox massage may be able to help you: -Abdominal cramps -Infertility -Constipation or diarrhoea -Pain -Tension, tugging or pulling in the abdomen region -Painful intercourse -Bloating -Gas -Incontinence -Toning your stomach

-Working on scar tissue -Something just doesn’t feel right In my clinic self-techniques are taught to the client while also experiencing a treatment.

This is very powerful and empowers you to treat yourself and gives you the power to get better results between sessions.

Chi Nei Tsang has many incredible healing effects for the body and mind, not just for women and their babies. To read more about the other healing benefits and if it’s suitable for you please click HERE. Depending on your health, one session may be beneficial but 3-6 sessions are highly recommended. If you are interested in having a session please feel free to CONTACT me or book a session HERE. 💕


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