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Do you want to quit smoking?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

In 2017, I travelled to Thailand to study under Tao Grandmaster - Mantak Chia.

His vitality and knowledge blew my mind.

As we practised our tummy healing techniques... Mantak floated around the room sharing his incredible knowledge... While also doing a few headstands and making people giggle with his wise and wonderful sense of humour… Not bad for a man over 75!

This video snippet is from one of Mantak's online events I attended a few weeks ago.

It may help anyone who is trying to quit smoking, quit other addictions or just realise the powerful potential of the mind-body connection. 💫

How I quit smoking.

I quit (social) smoking several years ago, after many years of fun partying.

As a youngster, I didn’t realise how I was hurting my body, I bounced back easily and I felt invincible!

What I didn’t understand was

the true magic of my body and my entire being.

Trying to quit smoking - Something that I didn’t do very often, that was fun with my friends and wasn’t hurting me in the moment was very difficult to quit... Especially while under the influence of alcohol... And let me tell you.... Tobacco really does have some magical powers!

But once I realised how much I loved my chest and that I had hurt my body enough…

It was night and day, it was instant, the relationship was done... Cyaaa, bye!

The love for my body won, not the rollies.

I know deep inside myself, I won't be addicted to smoking again. I love my body too much.

That is a big and beautiful statement, which feels really awesome to write. ☺️


Mantak's message and way of thinking doesn’t stop at smoking… It goes for all aspects of healing and health.

Thank you Mantak for being a legend and always sharing such profound wisdom with the Western world. 💫🙏🏽

I am very grateful to have found you.

So let me end this post with a little conversation I recently overheard from a very young and beautiful girl who was chatting to her friends... (And I was secretly eavesdropping!)

"Really... Do they still smoke? Who still smokes? Smoking is SO not cool anymore."

- Agreed.

Healing is cool.

The end.


Maddy King 🌈

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