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Detoxing into 2021...

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

For the last few months I have often heard people saying...

“I can’t wait for this year to be over”

However, when that clock changed to 12.01 am on January 1st...

Did anything really change?

Let us focus on bringing our minds into the present moment (this is where you find happiness ☺️).

When you focus on the past, it can often bring on feelings of depression or nostalgia... and when you worry about the future, it can create anxiety and stress.

Of course you need to think about the past and the future but view them like a revision mirror...

With a glance, then come back into the present.

This is a much happier place to live. ❤️

No matter how much your day, week or year may have sucked or how worried you are about the future... Be grateful for every day you get to wake up on this incredible planet Earth.


I find January a powerful time of year to make exciting decisions about where you want to go next.

For me, I like to start the year by spending some time in nature, setting new goals and when I am ready, a few cleansing processes.

There are many ways to cleanse...

Sometimes you may need to cleanse physically or change old habits, sometimes it’s time to move on from friendships or old workspaces or perhaps you feel you need to shake it up and move house or locations.

I love change.

It helps me to learn, grow, keep life exciting and be happy. 🥰

If you are reading this post and thinking - I really need to do a cleanse too -

Then I’d love to help you. 🥰

The goal behind my cleanses are to give you a powerful body and mind reboot that will leave you feeling beautiful inside and outside, energised, lighter and filled with self-love. ❤️

Allowing you to see your path more clearly and most importantly make your days even brighter. ☀️

The cleanses I have put together are all personalised, based on food as medicine, with amazing herbs, spices, natural powders, minerals, fermented goodness and lifestyle changes...

AND you never have to go hungry.

Happy January to you all and I look forward to helping some of you with your new year gut and health goals :)

Yours in Belly Healing

-Maddy King


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