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Benefits of Passionflower...

Almost two years ago I planted this purple and white passionflower vine…

Today, after a couple of months of being away in India and Sydney, it flowered on my arrival!

She has never flowered before. 💜

I picked a few flowers, left some for the bees and made two tinctures.

Passifloraceae (Passion flower family) has many different varieties...

This White flower has been growing by itself in our front lawn.

The vine, flowers and fruit of the Passiflora are amazing for calming and nourishing the nervous system…

She is often used for a good nights sleep, anxiety and meditation.

You can buy Passionflower teas, tinctures and dried herbs by herself or in beautiful blends.

Sometimes you will find her mixed with Lemon Balm and Chamomile for extra calming effects.

I love her.



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