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7kg in 6 days! 😀

Hey everyone!

This is a message from an old work colleague that is on my cleanse.


He has lost 7kg in the first 6 days of the cleanse!!!!

He took my powders, herbal potions and was allowed to eat whenever he wanted!

(As long as he stuck to my nutrition guidelines which are very generous and flexible)

He is a tall and solid guy (Don’t forget handsome) but there seemed to be a lot of fluid and inflammation that the body was dealing with and wanting to let go of.

When you release the toxins and fuel the body with the right nutrients... Magic happens!!! ❤️

My detox is here to teach you about your body, connect with it and learn healthy habits for the future.

I am so happy for you mate!

Can’t wait to see where this takes you. 💚🥒🌿

And lastly, thanks to his awesome cousin for buying it as a gift for him!!! Health presents are it in 2021. Hehe 💕✨

Yours in Belly Healing,

Maddy King ✨

My next "Belly Healing Week" starts 7th of March.


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