Sleep issues? Anxiety? Gut issues? Hormone issues? Detoxing? My favourite new healing oils in clinic

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, in many different cultures.

In my clinic, before I discovered their potential, I had been recommending tea tree oil for skin fungal issues, oregano oil and for removing nasty parasites and the old remedy of lavender oil for better sleep, relaxation and anxiety.

Sadly, my previous thought on them as a whole was-

“What is a diffusing essential oil really going to do for me?!”

It wasn't until a trip to Mexico, where I was without my first-aid kit, that I really fell in love with essential oils.

I had pulled a pesky wick out of my finger nail and I knew instantly that I would regret that decision and over the next few days it started to get infected.

I went to about five different healers in the corners of Tulum, where some ladies told me numerous remedies such as soaking my finger in charcoal water, salted water, use little sprays and even make a paste with sulphur.

Almost two weeks went past without much luck and a very sore finger.

These days I don't often reach out for the doctor or a pharmacy

BUT I was in Mexico with germs I haven't been exposed to and I’d had enough of the pain.

From the pharmacy, I was given a strong antibacterial spray that failed miserably, so I returned to buy a very potent liquid antibacterial and fungal nail polish that seemed to help at first, but again, failed.

On my second last day in Mexico I finally got help.

A friend pulled out her essential oils and gave my travelling buddy, Angus O'loughlin and I a little explanation about them.

Angus was extremely sunburnt, so she gifted him her entire bottle of lavender oil for his sunburn to take back to the hotel with him.

For my finger she put ONE drop of oregano oil in the nail bed.

Within a few hours I noticed a huge change, the throbbing had stopped and by the next morning it had turned white and seemed to have killed whatever was going on.

And just like that I was the next biggest essential oil lover.

As for Angus, he was too cool to apply any of the lavender oil and woke up still sunburnt, actually he was still sunburnt when I saw him a few weeks later back in Australia! :P

(He also may get me take revenge for the photos I have uploaded below... Love you Angus!!!!)

I now use essential oils in my life almost everyday, on myself, my loved ones and in my clinic.

By safely ingesting them, applying to the body topically and yes, diffusing.

My favourite at the moment is probably the lemon and peppermint in water.

I often choose this over a morning coffee now and I love a good bulletproof coffee!

The lemon and peppermint makes me feel energised, puts me in a wonderful mood, sets up my day right and helps my liver, digestion and respiratory system.

I find my energy levels stay higher for longer, than when I have coffee, without the side effects.

I also like to put four drops of lemon oil in a big glass of water before bed If I’ve had a few alcohol beverages to help the liver detox the toxins and prevent a hangover! HOW GOOD!

The oils are very strong and powerful, they say one drop of doTERRA peppermint oil properties is equivalent to about 28 cups of peppermint tea!

That puts in perspective how concentrated and amazing these little oils really are.

So why I chose DoTERRA?

Previously, I had noticed that most essential oils I had come across were labelled 'Not for consumption' which made me question what else was being added to these oils and how exactly were they being processed.

DoTERRA oils-

+Are 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils