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10 ways to detox and stay healthy… On a budget!

When it comes to getting fit and healthy life can get expensive...

SO here are a few of my favourite free and cheap ways to stay healthy.

1. Hot and cold showers

Run a warm shower, then cold, warm again and finish on cold.

This is wonderful for our overall health as it improves circulation which helps the whole

body by getting the blood and nutrients to all the cells in the body, it helps activate the

lymphatic system to help remove toxins, improves will power, our immune system, great for

recovery, as well as wakes you up in the mornings and strangely it also helps some people

sleep too!

My favourite fact I’ve learnt is that it helps make you happy! Cold water activates

temperature receptors under the skin that release hormones such as endorphins and


2. Greens powders

My favourite multivitamin! Greens powders are made from real vegetables and wholefoods.

They are full of natural vitamins, minerals and natural phytonutrients that our body can

easily absorb. A lot of supplements are made synthetically in a lab and although they can

help, natural options are always my go to first.

3. Detoxing beverages

I like to wake up with a cold or hot water with fresh lemon, cayenne pepper and apple cider

vinegar, it gets the system moving!

Instead of sugary drinks, make ice tea with herbs! To make herbal teas therapeutic I like to

get in 3 + cups in a day, this isn’t always easy so a great way to get them all in during

summer is to make a big jug and put it in the fridge or your water bottle. Fresh herbs or

teabags work well.

4. Breathing techniques

This is something I teach every client.

When I was first told to do breathing techniques I thought, why do I need to learn to

breathe? I already know how how to breathe!

How wrong I was.

Breathing techniques have endless benefits for the body and helps every system in the


Through the breath, oxygen reaches every cell in the body, our cells are also able to release

toxins on the way out too, it can be very powerful work.

So what’s an easy way to start practicing some breathing techniques?

Taking the time to sit and relax. Take 10, slow and deep belly breaths. Breathing in and out

of the nose. Making sure to expand that belly and breath out slowly too.

You can do this when you wake up, before you sleep, before you meditate, on a bus or


5. Salt therapy

Ask any surfer or most people who have grown up near a beach about the benefits of a

ocean swim after a few drinks the night before. Ocean water has high amounts of minerals

including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium. So why not jump in the sea

for a swim to improve your mood and health for free!

6. Those unused shower brushes

You know those big bristly brushes that hang in most people’s showers but never get used.

Well use them! They are a fantastic way to get the lymphatic system moving and help your

body remove the rubbish. The easiest way is to brush towards the heart, and don’t forget

the bottom of the feet. They really do get your skin looking better!

7. Move and sweat

Whether its via exercise, movement techniques or any type of sauna, traditional or infrared.

Moving the body and sweating helps to break up blockages, get the energy and bloody

flowing and removes toxins.

Many traditional cultures have been using sweat lodges for centuries and still do, there is

definitely something in it!

8. Baths and buckets

Using a bath and adding herbs, herbal tea bags, Epson salts or even organic fresh flowers

can make a wonderful relaxing and detoxing option. Don’t have a bath? Easy, use a bucket,

add cayenne pepper and pop your feet in!

9. Meditation

While we sleep our mind still works, taking the time out during the day to give your brain a

little rest can work magic, especially for our nervous systems!

It’s simple, free and painless.

There are also some amazing free apps, websites and YouTube videos to help you get

started if you are not quite sure where to start.

10. Self-abdominal detox massage

And lastly my favourite. I now teach all my clients self-techniques to rub their own tummies,

in most massages everyone avoids the belly… Yet it’s so powerful and a wonderful way to


Slow, gentle spirals starting from the belly button, in a clockwise direction are a great way to

start as a beginner. To learn more stay tuned on my website for free tutorials coming soon.

Happy detoxing!

Maddy King

This blog post is brought to you by my article in the MODEL & MODE Magazine published by George Bastoli as seen below. Thanks George!


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