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Helping My Immune System 🐛

I thought instead of telling people what they should be doing for their immune system... I'd write about what I do to help mine.

Here are some of the things I do when the days start getting a little colder or when I know there is a virus lurking around.

1. Warming herbs and spices.

Nature has all the goods! :) Some of the goodies I use to help my immune system include:

Chilli's, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, all spice, horseradish, white and black pepper, cumin, cacao, maca root, oregano, sage, dandelion, mallow and I usually add lemon for an extra citrus and sweetness kick. Stronger anti-viral herbs often include elderberry, echinacea, olive leaf and the old faithful garlic and onion.

+If I do get sick, you will find me sleeping with cut slices of onions in my socks.

(Laugh all you like at this old wives tale but the bugs hate it just as much as my boyfriend!)

+ I may also be doing a face steam in a bowl for my chest and sinuses, filled with many of the goodies above.

+ I also change my morning coffee to herbal teas - A good chai tea is a great option, as it is packed with lots of different spices.

2. Gut Health

I’ve worked SUPER hard in getting my gut to a good place after damaging my microbiombe many years ago.

If your gut isn’t functioning properly, neither is your immune system... But this my friends is a very complex system so it cannot be answered in one sentence... But it should be a priority!

Contact me directly if you need help healing your gut.

3. Good Quality Food

Focus on eating more real wholefoods, made by nature, NOT packaged foods.

This is what our immune system LOVES.

Lots of fruit and vegetables in high amounts, nuts, seeds, pseudo-grains, lentils and good quality meats.

+A fresh vegetable juice on waking is my favourite way to take my natural multi-vitamin, as they are packed with nutrients!

+I also love making smoothies with frozen berries or bananas, coconut water and I pack them full of superfoods!!! Black seeds, basil seeds, flaxseeds, bee pollen, maca root powder and goji berries are some of my current faves.

+I will take an organic greens powder- These are dehydrated vegetables in powder form. Another version of my natures super supplement.

+Bone broths are a great way to get nutrients in and heal your gut. I currently have an organic chicken on the stone making my own bone broth :)

+I am ingesting more REAL honey.

Be careful of supermarket honey, it can often be fake! Buy from local farmers, markets or good health food stores. Honey is packed full of nutrients!

Tip: It's best to wait for your meals to cool down before adding the honey to protect the nutrients.

4. Vitamin C In High Doses.

I eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C like kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, berries, capsicum and tomatoes etc

But since I really want extra high amounts, I also supplement with a vitamin C wholefoods powder. Eden Health Foods and Amazonia have great natural versions or there are some good quality practitioner brands around too.

5. Vitamin D.

You will find me in the sun for my vitamin D. A little harder in the colder months but if there is some sunshine I try to get outdoors!

I am not a fan of most sunscreens as they are often full of nasty chemicals but I do try cover my face and get some absorption all over my body. Usually in the early morning on a walk or in the afternoon are my preferred times.

6. Mushrooms

Said to be great for immunity. If you haven’t heard of Paul Stamets the mushroom scientist... His podcasts are 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

I’ve been adding them to my cooked meals (5 mushroom soup is one of my faves) and I have a variety of mushroom wholefood powders that are made from dehydrated and ground down mushrooms.

7. The inner work.

Breath work, meditation, kundalini yoga and moving my body.

I do this as it helps calms the nervous system (The less stress the body is in, the better), it increases the immune system, blood and energy flow and balances hormones, to name a few of the benefits.

8. Good sleep and allow my body to deeply rest.

The body needs rest and sleep for important processing that has happened through the day, restoration and strengthening.

I know if I don't get enough sleep then my whole body is not functioning at it's best.

9. Hygiene

It should always be happening! But putting the extra effort in during these unusual times and colder months can't hurt.

E.g. Washing hands more regularly, especially after a public place like a supermarket, not sharing drinks or food utensils etc.

10. Essential Oils

Essential oils are my little first aid kit and they are always close by.

Whether it's lemon for digestion, peppermint for an energy kick, tea tree oil for fungal, lavender for a burn or oregano for treating a nasty bug (Be careful oregano oil is VERY strong).

Essential oils are made from plants and I always buy very good quality oils.

There is an oil for everything!

For me - I always look at health holistically.

As a whole.

Working at it from every angle to feel my best. :)


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