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Healthy eating for YOUR body

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Healthy eating for one person can be very different for another.

There is so much controversial information about health and nutrition roaming around, that it can be difficult to know what we should be eating and what we should be avoiding.

This post shares a little bit about how I choose to eat at my healthiest and what I recommend to my clients, especially during healing periods.

🍋Three of my main health guidelines for food include:

+Not processed- Foods that have been recently “living”


+Locally grown

No matter what specific foods you choose to eat for your tastebuds, beliefs, health conditions or goals…

The above guidelines should still hopefully be the same for you.

I also try to cook more at home so I know exactly what is going into my body and it usually saves me money too.

🍋Here are a few ways I teach my clients about avoiding processed foods:

+Has this food been recently living?

Let’s take a packaged biscuit for example… I have never seen a biscuit grow on a tree nor did that biscuit once walk or swim.

+Is it in packaging?

+Does it have an ingredients list and can you understand this list??

The foods we are eating should be as close as possible to nature and its natural state.

+When going to a supermarket it is normally the foods on the outside of the isles that are these “living” foods.

🍋So what are these living foods you ask?

For me I normally circle around good quality plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, pseudo-grains, legumes and beans, seeds, nuts, spices and a little seafood, certain meats and good quality oils.

All these foods have been recently living or are closely connected to something that was.

They are filled with natural vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that our body loves and needs...

I believe it is always best to try get our nutrients from real wholefoods, rather than a synthetic and processed supplement.

🍋It is important to eat right for YOUR body

Just like our looks and personalities are different, so are our digestive systems.

For example… Broccoli and lemon may be considered very healthy but if you have a sensitivity to one of these foods and this causes you inflammation in the body, then this food is not necessarily healthy for you with your current digestive and health status.

🍋 Treats

When I am trying to eat a healthy lifestyle, I allow myself a treat when I want it… But I make it a treat, not all the time.

And making it a healthier treat is an even better option!

🍋Restrictive diets

I usually find restrictive diets difficult and I cannot maintain these for long periods.

A time when I may put myself on a more strict nutrition guideline might be when I am travelling overseas or doing a cleanse.

I have spent many years changing how I eat but now I try to make longterm lifestyle changes, over restrictive diets.

It makes me healthier and happier.



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