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Chi Nei Tsang What? My First CNT Treatment

Chi What?? Is definitely the first thing most people say to me when I explain one of the treatments I offer.

In 2012 I had my first Chi Nei Tsang treatment at Gwinganna Health Retreat.

It was also my first experience noticing energy aka chi move through my body.

Before this treatment I had grown up in a world where alternative healing, meridian lines and invisible energy were very foreign to me and as some of my family called it, a bit of "hocus pocus". 

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient abdominal treatment to help the body heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Todays techniques blend Chinese and Thai massage with breathing, meditation and pressure point techniques, making it truly different from most other healing modalities.

Problems in the body can be caused by emotions, over work, accidents, surgery, drugs, toxins, stress, unhealthy food, back posture and much more. The ancient Chinese observed that from these problems, obstructions often occur in the centre of the body and constrict the flow of energy causing many issues within the body and mind.

I have always been one for trying new things so getting my internal organs massaged at one of the best spas in Australia was one I had to try!

My treatment went for about two hours, I was made to breathe into my belly continuously while being given the treatment. At times the massaging and pressure was very weird and even a little uncomfortable.

The practitioner had warned me that sometimes unusual things happen during and after a session, such as I may want to cry or laugh for no reason and to just let it happen.


About three quarters into my treatment my arms started to get a funny feeling.

First I felt this little internal vibrating and pulsing from my elbow down to my fingertips, then my arms started going numb, till eventually I couldn't even lift them up off the table.

Being a little concerned, I said to him "Ummm, I can't move my arms"

He replied with "Oh don't worry, your chi is just stuck". 

He stopped his pressure point work on my abdomen and started lightly shaking and brushing my arms from my elbow out past my fingers.

After my arms felt like my normal arms again, yay! He finished up the session and told me to sit up gently and gave me a glass of water. I sat up and within a few minutes of talking to him I started to feel amazing, really amazing.

I was filled with these huge waves of euphoric feelings.

I left the room giving him a ridiculous tip and floating down the hallway.

I even started wondering if he had just put something special in my cup of water!


This feeling stayed with me all day, weeks even, I couldn't stop smiling that day and felt so light, full of energy and really motivated.

About five of the guests I spoke to booked in for a Chi Nei Tsang session after seeing me skip around the retreat and hearing my story.

One of those girls had a huge emotional release in her session and cried for a long time, while some of the others didn't really feel anything besides an unusual but interesting massage, a bit nauseous or mainly they had a fantastic visit to the bathroom after! 

Chi Nei Tsang is a wonderful practice and treatment. 

Remember - Every treatment is different and it depends on your body, the session and the practitioner with the outcomes of your session.

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Chi Nei Tsang - Belly Healing - Gut Health
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