The "CLEANSE, MEND & TEND" Package by Maddy King.


This treatment is a gut healing method that is specially designed for your gut healing journey.


You will not only receive personalised healing treatments in this package, but you will also learn the tools and knowledge to continuing healing yourself and not go backwards.


THE CLEANSE - This includes the treatment and plan to remove the deep root cause of your gut issues.

MEND - We start healing the damage done.

TEND - We replenish your gut and body.


I have been learning about gut healing for the past 14 years.

From my own 4-year gut healing journey followed by my many years of studying at college, shadowing iridologists, naturopaths, nutritionists and healers from different cultures to continue researching my true passion.

My gut health is currently in such an amazing place, I am so grateful for all my journey, the good and bad!


This package includes 3 personalised treatment packages, 4 nutritional consultations, online videos and the tools to continually work on yourself :)


This package generally goes from 6-12 weeks.


If you are interested in this pack, feel free to get in touch to have a free 15-minute call to discuss whats involved.


I look forward to helping some of you with your gut healing journey.

The "CLEANSE, MEND & TEND" Package by Maddy King

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