The Strong Gut Cleanse Package


Includes abdominal detox massage videos, 2 x nutrition consultations plus specliased supplements, herbs, food and tonic formulas for whole body healing.


All cleanses are personalised with your current health status and goals.


Of all the cleanse packages I offer this is definitely the best option for healing.


It is a complete body reset, great for inflammation and changes the way you feel and respond to food. If you are working on a particular health area or have serious gut issues I recommend taking the supplements for 10+ days and the tonic until it is all finished.

(There is enough goodies to last for 2 weeks+)It advised to do at least 7 days of the food guidelines for the best results but healthy, clean eating after those 7 days is highly recommended .Most people who go on this challenge like it so much they continue taking the powders and tonic till they are finished.


What’s included:

1 x Holistic Nutritional consultation with personalised cleansing guidelines. Nutrition while cleansing is SO important.

1 x Second session to discuss the instructions and go over your personalised cleanse pack.

1 x Abdominal detox massage videos on the members side of my website.

8-10 x Natural supplements to help you cleanse your belly and body.

These are personalised for the individual but may include some of the following: A mix of herbs, plant derived minerals, FSF powder, organic clay, gypsy tonic, MSM, iodine, essential oils etc.


What we don't include: Chemicals Gluten Grains Yeast Dairy Sugar Soy Tap water Nuts Fluoride Chlorine.


DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to treat or cure any disease, please see your health professional if you have a serious condition.

SHIPPING-Items will be shipped 1-3 days after purchase.

REFUND POLICY- Customers are able to return goods if they are still sealed, within 14 days of receiving. (Due to Covid reasons). If they are unhappy with the product, a discussion is to be made first, followed by a possible refund or swap.

Strong Gut Cleanse Package - With 2 Consultations