The Complete Cleanse Package Includes abdominal detox massage videos, 2 x nutrition consultations plus specliased supplements, herbs, food and tonic formulas for whole body healing.
All cleanses are personalised with your current health status and goals. Of all the cleanse packages I offer this is definitely the best option for healing.
It is a complete body reset, great for inflammation and changes the way you feel and respond to food.
If you are working on a particular health area or have serious gut issues I recommend taking the supplements for 10+ days or until they are all finished.
Most people who go on this challenge like it so much they continue taking the supplements for longer periods.
It advised to do at least 7 days but 10+ is highly recommended for the best results. (There is enough goodies to last for 2 weeks+)
What’s included:
1 x Holistic Nutritional Consultation with personalised cleansing guidelines. Nutrition while cleansing is SO important.
1 x Session to discuss the instructions and go over your personalised cleanse pack. 
1 x Abdominal detox massage videos on the members side of my website.
 8-10 x Natural supplements to help you cleanse your belly and body.
These are personalised for the individual but may include some of the following: A mix of herbs, plant derived minerals, FSF powder, organic clay, gypsy tonic, MSM, iodine, essential oils etc.
What we don't include: Chemicals Gluten Grains Yeast Dairy Sugar Soy Tap water Nuts Fluoride Chlorine This product can be delivered or picked up if in Sydney.
DISCLAIMER- This is not meant to treat or cure any disease, please see your health professional if you have a serious condition.

Items will be shipped 1-3 days after purchase.

Customers are able to return goods if they are still sealed, within 14 days of receiving. (Due to Covid reasons). 
If they are unhappy with the product, a discussion is to be made first, followed by a possible refund or swap.

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