"Belly Healing Week" - Sunday 7th of March

Updated: Feb 18

It's almost March... How did we get here so fast!?

How are you going with your new years resolutions?

If your plan was to eat healthier, move more and feel better...

Then one of my detoxes may be exactly what you have been looking for :)

My next "Belly Healing Week" starts on the 7th of March.

This detox is great for anyone who: -Needs extra motivation and support when wanting to start and finish a detox -Wants to reduce their IBS, bloating, inflammation, fluid retention and drop some pesky excess kilos -Learn more about whole-food nutrition

-Change some lifestyle habits -Learn more about the digestive system and gut issues!

"Belly Healing Week" will be guided for 7 days in a private Facebook group with other participating members...

If the 7th doesn't work for you, you can start at a later date in the week.

The information stays in the private group for you to view at anytime :)

But wait... I'm not on Facebook??!

That's okay too!

If you are not on Facebook the content will be emailed to you daily.

"Belly Healing Week" is not just about your gut or detoxing...

It is about making healthier, happier changes for yourself and your future. To read more click HERE

I look forward to seeing some of your faces in my March program.

Maddy King X

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BellyHealing by Maddy King